Pilates Class Descriptions


Pilates Private Instruction

Work one-on-one with a certified Pilates instructor in a structured workout based around your individual needs and goals, which can include strength training, rehab Pilates, increased knowledge of flexibility exercises, and much more. The focus is on breathing and body alignment, in a customized Pilates workout that utilizes both floor and equipment work. This can include work with a Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and other pieces of equipment. Classes run one hour in length. 

Pilates Reformer Classes

Clients can choose to enter into Group Reformer Classes after completing a minimum of one Pilates Private Instruction to determine strengths, weaknesses and familiarize you with studio teaching style. Work in a small group setting with a certified Pilates instructor in a workout that utilizes both floor and equipment work. Each group Reformer class has no more than four participants to one instructor. Classes run one hour in length. 

Pilates Mat Classes

Mat classes consist of floor-work exercises that utilize the body's own resistance for learning strength training and flexibility exercises. Mat classes are great for beginners and advanced students, as incorporated modifications can add varying degrees of difficulty as clients progress. Classes run one hour in length.

Contact The Pilates Loft in Lone Tree

The Pilates Loft is dedicated to providing you with the best Pilates experience by offering back exercises, pregnancy exercises, the best ab workouts, and much more in our Pilates classes. Our boutique-style Pilates studio in Lone Tree, CO, offers a soothing environment full of modern Pilates equipment, such as Pilates reformers and Pilates mats, to learn and practice Pilates free of distractions.


Whether you’re just learning about Pilates for the first time on our website, are looking for more advanced classes for strength training or weight loss, or need Pilates for rehab, The Pilates Loft is open six days a week to help fit your busy schedule. Check out our full class schedule here or schedule a private Pilates session here!

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