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The Pilates Loft is a boutique-style Pilates studio, opened in April 2005 in Lone Tree, CO, and dedicated to providing you with the best Pilates experience! Unlike other gyms or Pilates studios, The Pilates Loft is a soothing environment free from distractions. The welcoming atmosphere invites you to leave your worries at the door as you turn your focus inward to breathing and mindful movements that help strengthen and tone your body, relieve stress, correct posture and tap into your inner strength. Our team of devoted, certified instructors live the philosophy that your mind and body can work in tandem to reach a state of well-being and overall vitality. Let us help you reach your fitness goals and discover a new sense of mind-body awareness.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed in the 1920s by a German man named Joseph Pilates. At its core, Pilates was created to help rehab injured World War I soldiers by strength training, increasing flexibility, and improving overall balance. The popularity of Pilates increased dramatically in the 1960s; then skyrocketed in the past decade or so with many people using Pilates not only for rehab, but also for general fitness, better posture, and greater mind-body connection.

Pilates Specific

Since instructors at The Pilates Loft offer no other types of personal training, we are able to focus solely on the study and practice of Pilates. Because of this, our instructors tend to have a wider knowledge than most about the principles and form of Pilates, meaning that if you’re looking to Pilates for the best core exercises, you’re going to get that and a whole lot more. This specialization also allows us to offer a wider selection of Pilates-specific equipment — a selection you won't find at your typical gym.


Pilates Equipment

If you’re asking the question ‘What is Pilates?’ you’ll also discover that Pilates is more than just floor exercises and mats. In fact, there is a variety of equipment pieces that are important to the correct practice of Pilates. At The Pilates Loft, we offer our clients the full Pilates experience, including all of the necessary equipment.

  • Pilates Reformer

    A Pilates Reformer is an essential piece of Pilates equipment. A Reformer consists of a bed-like frame that contains a moveable carriage which allows a person to sit or recline while performing the mindful movements of Pilates. Reformers are useful Pilates tools because they offer the best core exercises while protecting the joints. Sign up for a group Pilates Reformer class at The Pilates Loft today when you call us at (303) 471-8656!
  • Pilates Trapeze Table aka Cadillac

    Like the Pilates Reformer, the Pilates Trapeze Table or Cadillac is an important Pilates tool. The Cadillac is a unique machine that contains an array of elements to help you make the most of your Pilates experience. Combining mindful movements with leg and arm springs, loops and even a trapeze, the Cadillac adds new fun and challenging ways to strengthen muscles while limiting stress on the joints. While the Cadillac may look intimidating at first, our certified trainers can help you utilize the Cadillac as a tool in your path to mind-body awareness.
  • Pilates Chair

    A Pilates Chair, also known as the Wunda Chair, is another piece of equipment that will help you grow in your Pilates practice. The Chair serves to help sculpt legs, arms, buttocks and thighs while maintaining focus on core strength development. A Chair will allow you to utilize the resistance of your own body in a variety of flowing, mindful exercises. Trained instructors utilize the Chair in individual and group equipment classes to provide a complete Pilates experience.


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Small Pilates Class Size

The Pilates Loft Studio is proud to offer small class sizes to all of our clients. This allows us to offer you the best instruction while helping clients focus on correct form and practice with instructor guidance. Our Pilates classes are broken down into two basic categories — mat classes and equipment classes.  Mat classes, consisting mostly of floor work, are great for teaching the principles of Pilates. We limit our mat class to a maximum of 8 clients per class. Our group equipment classes are limited to a maximum of 4 clients. We also offer one-on-one classes for those who are interested in personal instruction.


Keeping class sizes small helps instructors focus on teaching proper movements and breathing techniques which are essential to gain the full benefits of Pilates. New clients that have practiced Pilates elsewhere have commented on our superior focus and detail-orientated instruction methods. Schedule a class today to learn how smaller classes can improve your Pilates experience.


Boutique Studio Setting

At The Pilates Loft Studio, we seek to provide the best possible experience for our clients. We know that offering a comfortable environment is just as important as maintaining highly-trained instructors. Pilates is about a mind-body alignment, and a clinical, drab environment would detract from the overall Pilates experience.


Other Pilates studios that focus on post-rehabilitation services can be cold and clinical. While we also offer post-rehab type of programs, we provide a much sunnier setting, replacing the detached, cold atmosphere of clinics with a warm, comfortable environment. We offer a spa-like setting that includes a beautifully simple setting and soothing music. Visit our studio today to learn why our welcoming environment provides the ideal atmosphere to help you enjoy the full benefits of Pilates.


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The Pilates Loft is dedicated to providing you with the best Pilates experience by offering strength training, back exercises, the best core exercises, and much more in our Pilates classes. The Pilates Loft is open six days a week to help fit your busy schedule. Check out our full class schedule here or schedule a private Pilates session here!

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